pbcoreCreator is a container for sub-elements creator and creatorRole.

pbcoreCreator can be contained within the elements pbcoreDescriptionDocument or pbcorePart.

Usage: optional, repeatable.


pbcoreCreator has no attributes.


pbcoreCreator contains the following subelements:

  • creatorrequiredThe element creator identifies the primary person, people, or organization(s) responsible for creating the asset. Note that non-primary names and roles should be included within the pbcoreContributor container.
  • creatorRole optional. Use the element creatorRole to identify the role played by the person, people or organization(s) identified in the companion descriptor creator. The PBCore schema allows for creatorRole to be repeated in the pbcoreCreator container element. This can be useful when a single person or organization is associated with multiple roles in an asset.


Submit any issues or suggested changes for future schema iterations by creating a ticket in our Github repository.