pbcoreIdentifier is an identifier that can apply to the asset. This identifier should not be limited to a specific instantiation, but rather all instantiations of an asset. It can also hold a URL or URI that points to the asset.

Best practice is to identify the media item (whether analog or digital) by means of an unambiguous string or number corresponding to an established or formal identification system if one exists. Otherwise, use an identification method that is in use within your agency, station, production company, office, or institution.

pbcoreInstantiation can be contained within the elements pbcoreDescriptionDocument or pbcorePart.

Usage: required, repeatable.


  • sourcerequired. Provides the name of the authority used to declare data value of the element.
  • refoptional. A URI to the controlled vocabulary used to create the identifier.
  • versionoptional. Notates the version of the controlled vocabulary used to create the identifier.
  • annotationoptional. Can be used as a notes field to include any additional information about the identifier.


pbcoreIdentifier contains no subelements.


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