instantiationRights is a container for sub-elements rightsSummary, rightsLink and rightsEmbedded to describe rights particular to this instantiation.

Best practice: This element contains rights information that is specific to an instantiation of an asset, such as rights conferred in a donation agreement that apply only to a single donated item.

instantiationRights can be contained by the elements pbcoreInstantiation, pbcoreInstantiationDocument, or instantiationPart.

Usage: optional, repeatable.


  • startTime optional.  The startTime attribute combines with the endTime attribute to define a specific media segment within a broader timeline of an asset and/or instantiation. Best practice: This is a free text attribute and can be applied at the asset or instantiation level. When used at the asset level, it may be used to talk generally about the start/end time of a segment (e.g. “30 minutes”), or by providing a timestamp to a specific point in an instantiation. If you’re doing that for element at the asset level, we suggest referencing the instantiation ID you are referring to in timeAnnotation. One example would be if a six-hour long tape was broken into multiple programs, and each instantiation might have its start time labeled as when the instantiation began in the timeline of the broader tape. Another example for this usage might be a digital file created from a VHS tape that contains multiple segments. In the digital copy, color bars are removed from the beginning, and black from the end of the digital instantiation. Time references referring to the segments on the physical VHS are no longer relevant; therefore it’s important to tie start and end time references to a specific instantiation, e.g. use the asset ID and timestamp.
  • endTime – optional.  The endTime attribute combines with a similar value in the startTime attribute to define a specific media segment within a broader timeline of an asset and/or instantiation.
  • timeAnnotationoptional.  The timeAnnotation attribute includes narrative information intended to clarify information about the value of the startTime and endTime attributes.


instantiationRights contains the following subelements:

  • rightsSummary – optional. The rightsSummary element is used as a general free-text element to identify information about copyrights and property rights held in and over an asset or instantiation, whether they are open access or restricted in some way. If dates, times and availability periods are associated with a right, include them. End user permissions, constraints and obligations may also be identified as needed.
  • rightsLink – optional. The rightsLink element is a URI pointing to a declaration of rights.
  • rightsEmbedded – optional. The rightsEmbedded element allows the inclusion of xml from another rights standard, e.g. ODRL, METS, etc. The included XML then defines the rights for the PBCore asset and/or PBCore instantiation.


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